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Pay Fines & Fees Online

You can now pay your overdue fines and fees online using your credit card. You can also pay your Non-resident library card fees online with your credit or debit card.

Here’s How To Pay Online:

Go to the library’s SWAN online catalog: Here

Click here for instructions on accessing Your Account. It will show you how to check holds and pay your fines online.

Pay non-resident library card fees through the SWAN catalog: Here

Common Questions:

Who will be the merchant listed on my credit card statement for online payment?

The merchant on your credit card statement will be SWAN Library
System, not the Matteson Public Library.  The SWAN Library System will send the money to the Matteson Public Library at a later date. Your account will be cleared as soon as the transaction clears PayPal.

My library account has been referred to a collection agency. When will I be able to use my library card again?

Charges on your library account are cleared as soon as PayPal accepts the transaction. However, the block on your account, created when your account was turned over to the collection agency, will not be cleared until the next business day.
If the block on your library account is not removed after a reasonable amount of time, contact the Circulation Desk at the library. (708-748-4431).

Search Our Catalog

Search Our Catalog

To access our catalog click on the
swan above and it will take you to our online catalog.