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Welcome to Greetings From The Board. Here you find a wonderful message from our Board Members.

Here is a greeting from The Board President, Dwayne Shipp

 The Fall Colors

The “September Song” written by Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson in 1938, starts with the familiar lyrics “For it’s a long long while from May to December, but the days grow short when you reach September”. We had to learn the song in Mrs. Boney’s 4th grade class at Harvard Elementary School in Chicago. Mrs. Boney, being a lover of music, knew that one day the song would have much more meaning than it currently did to a group of energetic 10 year olds. Whether I hear the song in February or June, I am immediately reminded of fall season; the cool temperatures and the beautiful color of the trees and bushes. It’s the time of year when you hear the words magenta, fuchsia, and amber and you find you’re having a difficult time explaining to your mind what your eyes are seeing. It’s as though nature is holding out the best for last and teasing us with her beauty. Trees you walked and drove by hundreds of times and never noticed, now have your full attention and you can’t stop admiring them. Then in a few weeks, the leaves will be on the ground creating a tapestry of color the envy of any weavers loom. The rustling winds, the leaf blowers, and the rakes put nature in its place by removing all signs of her former beauty and all we are left with is a shell of what once was. Other lyrics of the song are “but the days dwindle down to a precious few”. The time changes, school is in full gear and were taking inventory of the winter clothes. News broadcasters are giddy with reports of “the Hawk” and “Ole Man Winter” and we go into a spiritual hibernation. What a perfect time and reason to visit the Library.

In the library it is always your favorite time of year. The sky is blue, unless you like gray sky’s that cool too. The days are sunny and bright, unless you like cool rainy and damp days, whatever makes you happy. The Library has it all. You can be serenaded by music from many different artist. Lean about robotics, contort yourself into that almost impossible yoga position and learn to bake the best chocolate cream Bundt your taste buds have every enjoyed. Not only can you read about faraway places, we can help you apply for a passport to make your travel dreams a reality, transportation not included. So as the days dwindle down to a precious few, the Library can keep you sprits up, your mind engaged and turn those dreary days of winter into some of the most pleasurable days of your life. So come “check us out”!

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