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Wireless Access

Wireless Internet access is available in the Adult and Youth Services sections and in the Meeting Room.  Patrons are welcome to bring their laptop computers to access the Internet.  Use of the Library’s wireless network constitutes acceptance of the [Library’s Internet Use Policy].

The Library does not filter Internet access for content.  Parents of children under 18 are responsible for supervising their child’s Internet use.

Security: The Library’s wireless network is unsecured and it is recommended that patrons have current anti-virus software installed on their computers.  The Library is not responsible for any damage to a patron’s equipment occurring during use of the Library’s wireless network.

No printers are available on the wireless network.

How do I use my laptop or other wireless device?

You will need: a laptop computer, wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) and a laptop configured to use the library’s Internet connection.

Matteson Public Library is 802.11b compatible.

Set your wireless device’s software using the following configuration:

  • Mode: Infrastructure (the connection method)
  • SSID: MPLPUBLIC or MPLpublic3 in Adult Service area(the name of the wireless network is case sensitive)
  • SSID: MPLPUBLIC or MPLyouth in Youth Service area(the name of the wireless network is case sensitive)
  • SSID: MPLmtg in Meeting Room area(the name of the wireless network is case sensitive)
  • WEP: disabled (disables Wired Equivalent Privacy)
  • IP address or network settings: DHCP enabled or obtain IP address automatically.

Please Note: Library staff cannot provide technical support if you are using your own computer. Please consult your owner’s manual or contact the technical support department of your device’s manufacturer.


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