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Posted June 21, 2021

We interviewed Patrice Ware the instructor for our Cardio and Standing Cardio classes. Here are the questions we asked! Also take our Physical Activity survey here! It will help us know what types of programs to offer to you the community. You can find Patrice’s cardio classes over Zoom every other Thursday night. Find when her classes happen at the library on our event calendar here.

Library: How long have you been teaching cardio classes?
Patrice: Approximately 2 years.

Library: What is your fitness specialty?
Anti- Aging measures :Resistance training and bodyweight exercises.

Library: What inspired you to become a physical fitness instructor?
Patrice: In my youth, I would “exercise” to my mom’s Jane Fonda tapes. My interest grew from there. Moreover, fitness instructing has dance elements, and I enjoy creating meaningful fitness choreography!

Library: What  are the benefits of your class?
I would say creative, engaging yet effective.

Library: What do you do to prepare yourself for class?
Patrice: Vibing in the mirror and the rest of the routine flows from there. I’m forever a student, so watching routines and taking group classes has become a beneficial hobby.

Library: What motivates you to work hard?
Progression. its the essence of this industry. Also, I enjoy being impactful and hearing others testify on the positive side effects of exercise 

Library: What qualifications do you have?
Aside from my passion for this industry, I am dual certified. ACE Wellness Health Coach, ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Library: Do you teach any other workout classes?
Before I became a full-time Health Coach, I instructed the active- aging community. Currently, I have few clients that I serve virtually. 

Library: Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?
My hula hoop, I have an extensive collection.  Funny thing, I learned the art of hula hooping in my late 20’s.

Library: Do you recommend any other things one can do in addition to working out physically to improve their workouts?
Balance matters.  I advise individuals to diversify their routines. It should entail cardio, strength and flexibility exercises. 

Library: Where can your classes be seen?
 Currently virtually at Matteson Public library on Thursday nights

Library: If anyone wants to reach you  for further information and consultation  how can they do so?
Email me at

Find our Physcial Activity Survey here!