Teen Volunteers

Through the Teen Volunteers Program, teens will gain skills and experience for a pre-work environment. Teens will learn the meaning of dependability, responsibility, collaboration, communication, and leadership while learning various library skills.  The Teen Volunteer Program is designed for teens in grades 7-12  that may need community service hours or are interested for the sake of volunteering. The library does not provide service hours for court mandated community service. 


Must be a student in grade 7th – 12th or age 13 – 18 who lives in Rich Township or attends a school in Rich Township.

To sign up to be a Teen Volunteer, click HERE to complete our sign up form.  Once you have completed and submitted your form, our Teen Librarian will send an email with your next steps.  Sign up ends on April 1, 2022.  Summer Volunteering will be available soon.

Below is a general overview of In-Person and Hybrid options for community service opportunities we are offering.  These opportunities are subject to change.  Hours are given out at the discretion of the library staff. If we deem your work to be insufficient or inappropriate, library staff can reject submissions.  For any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Kalea at (708) 748-4431 ext. 362 or email at kphillips@mapld.org.


  • Program Assistant (Grades 7-12) 

    See what it takes to put together and run a successful program at the library.  Volunteers will learn leadership skills, organization, planning, and how to be a team player.

    • Hours Earned: Up to 2 hours per program
    •  Volunteers will be required to do things such as:
      • Assist with set-up or clean-up for the chosen program.
      • Pass out materials.
      • Cut and paste materials.
      • Assist participants with completing the performed task.
      • Assist the library staff in charge of the program.
      • Guide patrons to the location of the program.
      • Miscellaneous tasks as it relates to the program.
    • If you would like to sign up to be a Teen Volunteer, click HERE.  


  • Take – Home Kits (Grades 7-12) 

    Take Home kits are easy ways to be creative while at home.  Though these kits are fun it takes a lot of time and planning to put these kits together.  Volunteers will be assisting in putting together these kits.

    • Hours Earned: 2 hours per finished canvas / only 2 canvases per volunteer
    • Return Work: February 28
      • Stop by the Youth Service desk to receive an art kit
      • Kit Includes: Mini Canvas, Paints & Brushes, Name Card, Instructions
      • Decorate it based on the theme “African American Dream”.  (Make sure it’s the library and school appropriate please.)
      • Fill out the Name Card in the kit
      • Return the Card, Canvas, and Easel to the Youth Service Desk 
      • All projects will be on display in the Teen Room
      • Hours will be earned upon the completion AND return of the art piece.
      • Hours are given out at the discretion of the Youth Services staff.  If we deem your work to be inappropriate, we will reject the submission (s).