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Posted March 11, 2023

To prepare for the MAPLD FanFest which is on July 22nd, we are offering several pre-events for all ages that you can enter to win special FanFest prizes at. There are 2 prizes that can be won from the pre-events and they will be picked-up at the FanFest. Prizes that could be won are a $50 Visa gift card or 4 tickets to Escapeology The Live Escape Game. Here are the list of events:

* After Hours Board Game Night – March 11
* Tea Tasting! – March 24
* Video Game Night – June 1
* Stop Motion Animation Workshop – June 7
* Puppet Mania – June 28
* Teen Karaoke – July 11
* Teen Pokemon Picnic – July 18

You can sign up for these events and more on our website here!