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Posted September 9, 2021

We interviewed Kristyn Slick the creator of Mealtime Memories, who also helped Youth Services with the Summer Reading Program. Here are a few questions we asked!

Kristyn’s Introduction: Hi my name is Kristyn Slick and I am the creator of Mealtime Memories. Mealtime Memories is a space where young and budding chefs will explore skills and menus full of exciting discoveries: from how to prepare favorite dishes to twists on classics to food history to fun nutrition facts. We know that when kids start cooking at a younger age they are more likely to make meals from scratch as they grow up. Cooking also teaches kids valuable lessons like following directions, reading, math, science, and problem-solving skills.

Library: How long have you been cooking?
Kristyn: My whole life! It’s always been a hobby of mine but I took it to a more formal career
in 2015.

Library: How long have you been teaching cooking classes?
Kristyn: Since 2015

Library: Do you have any qualifications or licenses, if yes, what are they?
Kristyn: Yes! I am a Certified Family Health Coach as well as have continuing education credits
in culinary programs from JJC. I also have a degree in Elementary Education and a Minor in
History which adds to the development and presentation of all my programs.

Library: What is your favorite dish that you made for your program?
Kristyn: Movie Night Munchies: Kit Kat Bar!; Desserts in Disguise: Taco Salad!; Pizza Parlor:
Monkey Bread!; and Rainbow Foods: Rainbow Grilled Cheese!

Library: Was there a dish that you felt was difficult to make for your program?
Kristyn: I’d say the most advanced skill is probably working with the homemade pizza dough.

Library: What has been the most difficult part of recording these cooking classes?
Kristyn: Making sure all of my ingredients were prepared correctly and in the right order.

Library: Do you have a “dream” food you have always wanted to make but haven’t yet?
Kristyn: Sushi!

Library: Where can your classes be seen?
Kristyn: Movie Night Munchies (YouTube), Desserts in Disguise (YouTube)  Pizza Parlor (YouTube), Rainbow Foods (YouTube)

Library: If anyone wants to reach you for further information and consultation, how can they
do so?
Kristyn: Mealtime Memories website.
Email me at: