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Mean Girls: Music from the motion picture
Jeff Richmond
Genre:  Sound Track

Eternal Sunshine
Ariana Grande

Genre: Pop

Everything I thought it was
Justin Timberlake
Genre: R&B

This is me … Now
Jennifer Lopez
Genre: Pop

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Video Games

Persona 3 reload
Rating: M
System: PS4

“Step into the shoes of a transfer student thrust into an unexpected fate when entering the hour of hidden between one day and the next. Awaken an incredible power and chase the mysteries of the dark hour, fight your friends, and leave a mark on their memories forever”–Container

Suicide Squade
Rating: M
System: PS4

“As the united forces of Gotham’s supervillains take control of the City, the Dark Knight unleashes the all new transformable Batmobile in the explosive finale to the Arkham trilogy”–Container.

Skull and Bones
Rating: M
System: Playstation 5

Play as a pirate and lead your ship through battles to victory and command of the seas.

Jujutsu Kaisen : Cursed clash
Rating: T
System: PS5

  • “In this 2 vs. 2 action game, aim for new heights by mastering the “Cursed Techniques” of more than 15 powerful Jujutsu Sorcerers and Cursed Spirits!”

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By: Shannon Sanders

A collection of stories about the Collins family and their acquaintances as they meet, bicker, compete, celebrate, worry, keep and reveal secrets, build lives and careers, and endure. Moving from Atlantic City to New York to DC, from the 1960s to the 2000s, from law students to drag performers to violinists to matriarchs, Company tells a multifaceted, multigenerational saga in thirteen stories.

Love on the Ninth Floor
By Aries Skye

Zany and vivacious Nissi Richards always had her sights set on one goal–her career. As the youngest doctor at Optimal Dentistry, Nissi is the epitome of Black Girl Magic and a #GoalCrusher. Dating, however, was a different topic, or rather more of a non-existent headline. Despite her best friend’s botched matchmaking attempts and her meddlesome sisters who insist she hooks a man, love, and marriage were never on Nissi’s to-do list-at least not that she’d admit. Kannon Jordan was a man of simplicity. Unimpressed with the whims of every short skirt that flitted by, or the sexy social media prospects, the ravishing fireman was content with the bachelor’s life. A cosmic shift in his beliefs takes a nosedive once he crosses paths with a dazzling doctor in distress. When Kannon rescued Nissi from a malfunctioned elevator, she never thought she’d see the handsome fireman again. Suddenly, when a TikTok video goes viral, the two strangers are miraculously reconnected. Will Nissi and Kannon surrender to their feelings, or will they deny their chemistry and the possibility of love at first sight?”–

Twins for the Holidays
By Jaquelin Thomas
“Rayne Rothchild returns to Polk Island after years away. She left her husband after their impulsive marriage. She can’t believe she wed her boss, Taylor Carrington…and now she’s the mother of their twins! The holiday season is the perfect time to reconnect with her estranged family…until Taylor shows up, hurt, shocked and needing answers. Can the magic of the season open their hearts to love and forgiveness this Christmas?”–

Jack Girlz
By Danielle Marcus

The perfect victim … The perfect chase …

Best friends Sophie, Diamond, and Angel find themselves with their backs against the wall and owing an extremely dangerous man. Short on funds, limited options and a severe debt hanging over their heads forces the trio to take “getting to the bag” to a new level.

While dripping mad sex appeal laced with money schemes, these ruthless vixens hatch a bulletproof plan, and before long Girlz is born. Hitting licks becomes their new sport as the money piles up, but what happens when these femme fatales rob the wrong man?


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Pre-Loaded Audio

By: Charles Duhigg
Pre-Loaded Audio

Come inside a jury room as one juror leads a starkly divided room to consensus. Join a young CIA officer as he recruits a reluctant foreign agent. And sit with an accomplished surgeon as he tries, and fails, to convince yet another cancer patient to opt for the less risky course of treatment. In Supercommunicators, Charles Duhigg blends deep research and his trademark storytelling skills to show how we can all learn to identify and leverage the hidden layers that lurk beneath every conversation.

Mom Com
By Adriana Mather
Pre-Loaded Audio

“If she had her way, Maddi would have stayed in California…But at her mother’s request, she has returned to her hometown to help deal with an urgent matter concerning her father’s will and his nostalgia-filled bakery. What Maddi doesn’t know is that this issue also mysteriously involves the one person she’s spent forever trying to forget–Wilder. Now she finds herself forced to make an impossible decision: give up her father’s bakery and her lifelong dream, or find a way to coexist with Wilder without murdering him with a cookie cutter”–

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