How to get a library card?

*Preferred forms of ID: a driver’s license or State ID, and a utility bill, postmarked bill, bank statement, voter’s registration card (cannot be combined with driver’s license or State ID), or automobile registration not more than 30 days old with patron’s same current address as on ID or license.


Residents of Incorporated Matteson:

  • Present two forms of identification*

Residents of Incorporated Matteson under 18 years of age:

  • May use identification with the family name and address (see above).
  • Must also have a signature of a parent or legal guardian who resides in Matteson on the child’s library card application.  (Must show proof of guardianship papers).


Residents of Unincorporated Matteson:

Any household that does not receive a water bill lives in an unincorporated area.  Residents of unincorporated Matteson may purchase a library card.  The price of a library card is determined by your property tax bill.  Please call the library circulation department for details at 708-748-4431.

To Replace a library card:

  • Present two forms of identification* to the Customer Service Desk.
  • The first replacement card is free after that you have pay $1.00 increments for each card replaced. For example 2nd card $2, 3rd card $3, etc.

If you move, be sure to notify the library of your new address.

To Renew a library card:

Bring your card to the Customer Service Desk along with two IDs*
* Children may bring two forms of identification with the family name and address.

Where do you get a library card (or renew a library card)?

At The Customer Service Desk at the front of the library.

How many holds can I have?


Where can I pay my fines?

At the front Customer Service Desk or online on your SWAN account online. You can find your SWAN account online here.

What are the fines?

Find the list of all our fines and fees here.

How many items can I take out?

50 items per card

Can I use my home library’s card at this library?

As long as your library is a member of the SWAN library system then you may use it to check out materials at The Matteson Area Public Library. Find the list of libraries in the SWAN library system here. You can also get a reciprocal borrowing card if you are not a part of the RAILS.

Do we accept credit cards for printing or other services?

We accept credit cards. You can use your credit card for services at the front Customer Service Desk or at the Administrative Office. But unfortunately not in the computer lab.

Do you do faxes? Notaries? Passports?
Where do you go to send a fax and how much?

To the front Customer Service desk near the entrance. Fax service is available at the Customer Service desk. Fee is $1 per page (including the cover sheet).

Can I register to vote here?

Yes, we can register you at the Adult Services Desk but you can also now register yourself online. Find what you need to register to vote on the Cook County Clerk’s website here.

Where can I get something notarized?

At The Administration Office. It is $1 per signature.

Where can I look up a book or other item?

You can look up materials on the catalog computers in the Adult Services or Youth Services departments. You can also look at our catalog on our website here.

Do we have and/or print legal forms?

We do not have paper forms but we have a resource that we can print legal forms from. Every form is not on the list. You can find our resource Law Depot here.

Do we have and/or print income tax forms?

We do get tax forms, and we will print the first for free, and any other copies will have to be made on our copier at .10 per page. We do not print any instructions out.

Are we a polling place?

No we are not.

How do I book a meeting room?

Check our policies page here to see if our meeting rooms fit your needs and how to obtain one.

How far in advance should I book a meeting room?

Must have the form turned in and paid for at least 2 weeks in advance from the date of the event.

Can I host a private event at the library?

Library Meeting Rooms may not be used for private social gatherings or parties.

How do I reserve a computer?

Currently during Covid, You may call and make a 30 appointment for your computer and printing needs.

What do I need to use the computer lab?

A library card, ID, or license.

Can you do VHS to DVD Conversion?

Yes you can. The VHS to DVD Conversion is $10 per tape and must be paid before the tape/DVD is returned, and is nonrefundable. Copying of materials may take up to seven (7) business days to complete. Find all the details here (https://www.mapld.org/services/technology/#)

How to borrow a laptop?

There are 2 ways that you can borrow a laptop for free with your library card. In-house: You can check out a laptop to use inside the library for 2 hours. Check out from the Adult Services Desk. Outside The Library: You can check out a laptop to take home for 1 week. Check out from the Customer Service Desk.

Do you have a scanner?

Yes, we have one in our computer lab, and in order to use it you just need to get a computer from the computer lab attendant.

Do you have a copier?

Yes, it is across from the Adult Services Desk. It is .10 a page and it only copies in black and white. Instructions to use the copier: Put in the amount of money for the number of copies you need, place your documents in the top feeder or lift the top and place your document face down on the glass, tap the copy button on the screen, type the number of copies you need on the number pad, then hit start. Ask the Adult Services Desk for double sided copies, or other options.

How to print from my device?

Send your documents and websites to print to our email at asdept@mapld.org and visit the Adult Services Desk at the library to pick up and pay for your prints.

How to dial out on the phone?

Across from the Adult Services Desk and next to the copier is a black phone on the wall that only dials out to local phone numbers. Pick it up and hit 8, then the number you are trying to call.

How do I get onto the Wi-Fi?

After selecting the Wi-Fi network, you are trying to connect to, the password will be the name of the Wi-Fi network you are trying to connect to, in lowercase.
Network: mplpublic
Password: mplpublic