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Posted July 29, 2020

Maria Gonzalez – Digital Services Librarian

The MAPLD FanFest is back this year and even though it is going to be virtual, it is an event not to be missed. On August 14th and 15th starting at 10 am on the MAPLD Facebook page, we will have series of events including: drawing sessions, how-to tutorials on cosplay and crafts, live panels on creative writing, indie publishing and much more.  Check out our FanFest website to view all the guests, vendors and artists that will be involve with this year’s event.

All events will be streamed on Facebook and also our YouTube page. Live streams will only be available on Facebook at that particular start time but will be available or replay later on that day. Below is the schedule of events:

August 14 August 15
10:30 AM: Ms. Vicki’s Superhero Story Time with Activities 10:30 Draw-Along with Jack Gonzalez
11:30-12:30 PM: Let’s Talk Disney w/ Tiffany LIVE 11:00 Diversity in Cosplay
1:00 PM: Women in Podcasting 1:30 PM LIVE Drawing Session with Kalea Phillips and Jack Gonzalez
3:00 PM: Brian K Morris Hosts: Independent Comic Creators Panel LIVE 3:00 PM Brian K Morris Hosts: World Building and Creative Writing LIVE
5:00 PM: LIVE Drawing Session with Eric Wolfgang 5:00 PM Draw-Along with Ashely Esper
6:30 PM: Draw-Along with Ms. Kalea 5:30 PM Cosplay Make-up Tutorial with Monica from Geeks A Gogo
7:00 PM: Indie Publishing and Kickstarter 101 with Guerilla Publishing 6:00 PM Jackbox Games LIVE Steam


Starting on August 3rd you can vote for your favorite cosplay costume on the MAPLD FanFest Facebook page here. There will be a photo album of the contestants. The picture with the most “likes” wins!

Also starting August 3rd, we will have FanFest themed craft packs available for pick up. You can create your own coasters using tiles, comic book pages and mod podge or a Japanese Kabuki warrior mask. Video How-to’s for the crafts will be released on the day of the FanFest over Facebook and Youtube. You may call the library starting August 3rd to request a craft pack to pick up using our curbside service. You can find our curbside hours at the top of our website.

Even though we can’t have fun together in the library, we can still have an amazing time virtually! Hope to see you there.