Blog > March Artist of the Month

Posted March 5, 2024


Meet Deborah Kpogo, a high school junior enrolled at Southland College Preparatory High School. She is an active member of the National Honor Society and enthusiastically participates in her school’s dance program. While dancing holds a special place in her heart, Deborah finds joy in various artistic endeavors, including music, drawing, and performing.

You may have witnessed Deborah’s performances with the SCPHS Ambassador marching band, but her passion for painting is equally noteworthy. Despite always having a knack for creativity, it wasn’t until the pandemic confined her to her home that Deborah’s love for painting truly flourished. Like many others during this time, she sought out new activities to fill her days and stumbled upon a paintbrush.

For teenagers like herself, finding avenues for self-expression is crucial, and art has been Deborah’s primary outlet. Through her artwork, she communicates her beliefs and values, particularly regarding feminism, mental health, emotions, black beauty, and humanity’s connection to nature. Her pieces often feature black women of varying skin tones expressing their emotions through vibrant colors.

As an artist, Deborah enjoys exploring different mediums and materials to depict the abstract nature of the black female experience. She is grateful for the opportunity to showcase her work and offer the community a glimpse into her life. Many of her artworks displayed in the library are available for purchase, with all proceeds contributing to her college fund.

If you’re interested in acquiring a personal commission or purchasing any of Deborah’s pieces, please contact (708) 833-9893. Your support not only enables her artistic journey but also helps fund her future education.