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Posted June 24, 2021

June is National Great Outdoors Month and here some documentaries that would good to watch on Hoopla.

APPALACHIAN TRAIL: For more than half of the U.S. population, the Appalachian Trail is less than a day’s drive away. Yet despite its proximity to many major cities, few truly know the splendor of this national treasure.

AUSTRALIA’S GREAT WILD NORTH:  Far Northern Australia is a land of extremes. Huge bushfires ravage the ancient landscape in the dry season and the world’s biggest thunderstorms bring torrential rain and flooding in the wet season. These almost-Jurassic conditions have created some of the richest wetlands on Earth.

BIG SUR: WILD CALIFORNIA: National Geographic presents a comprehensive view of the spectacular California coastal area known as Big Sur through the eyes of three intrinsically connected native creatures.

GRAND CANYON: It hosts nearly 5 million tourists a year, but visitors see only a tiny fraction of the Grand Canyon’s beauty. Even scientists know precious little about the canyon’s 91 mammal species and more than 350 types of birds, its vegetation, and how and when it was formed.

HIDDEN HAWAII:  America’s newest marine sanctuary, Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, encompasses the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The monument is bigger than all U.S. national parks combined–yet the majority of this environment has never been seen.

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