Blog > Happy Thanksgiving from Hoopla

Posted November 24, 2021

Happy Holidays! Find the full list of movies on Hoopla for the holidays here.

Here some summaries of some of the movies that are this years list:

A Holiday Boyfriend: Katie gets dumped right before Christmas and gets on a dating app to never spend Christmas alone!

A Christmas Carol: Billionaire Ebenezer Scrooge has made work his only focus since the passing of his childhood friend Marley. On Christmas Eve, after an eventful day of sackings, cancelled Christmas bonuses and even higher profits; Scrooge is visited by three ghosts; Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas yet to be. But has he become too mean to learn the spirit of Christmas?

Family Thanksgiving: When returning home for Thanksgiving, Elliot, tries to keep cool with his meddlesome, dysfunctional family.

Seven Candles for Kwanzaa: This unique African-American holiday commemorates the strength of family ties, respect for ancestors, commitment to the growth of community, and gratitude for life’s bounties.

Thanksgiving Roast: Preston must win over Madison’s crazy family over Thanksgiving, in the hopes to obtain her hand in marriage.

Thanksgiving with the Carters: A family tries to find common ground with its newest members, as they honor their tradition of Thanksgiving surprise, where each person attempts to surprise the family with something unique and positive.

Thanksgiving with the Carters 2: 2nd Helping: The Carter family is back together again for the Thanksgiving holiday, and this time they are celebrating at a cabin deep in the woods. When chaos ensues and dinner is ruined, the family must work together to save the holiday tradition.

Holiday Heist: A man released from prison is torn between a life of crime and a fresh start with a woman he meets while scoping out a potential heist.