Blog > January is National Soup Month

Posted January 6, 2022

January is National Soup Month. Click here for some videos on how to make delicious soups. 

Below are some highlighted videos that are on the list.
An Elegant Corn Soup with Lobster: In this episode, cook, shave, and milk corn to create a delicious corn soup with julienned vegetables, an accompaniment to freshly cooked lobster. And once the lobster is cooked, you’ll learn the correct way to separate it to best access all its sweet meat.
Soups from around the World: A good bowl of soup can warm you in cold weather, cool you in hot weather, fill up an empty stomach, and offer ready nutrition for a weak appetite. Here, master several recipes for some fantastic soups from around the world, including a chicken soup from Thailand, gazpacho, French onion soup, and ribolitta, a “recooked” soup from Tuscany.
Winter Squashes: Sweeter and denser than summer squash, winter squash takes well to seasonings and satisfies in everything from soups to desserts. Learn how to select a squash and follow recipes for butternut squash carpaccio; spicy butternut squash with coconut milk soup, a variation on tom kha gai; and maple custard in a pumpkin.
Classical Italian Cuisine: Central Italy: As you move south to the milder weather of central Italy, watch a step-by-step demonstration on making pasta from scratch for a savory pappardelle with ragu Bolognese, along with a salad accompaniment of bitter greens that serves as a digestive, and a simple first course – stracciatelle soup.