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Posted November 2, 2023



Roslyn DeBoer loves to push the boundaries of traditional uses of fabric and thread in her expression of nature and scenery. She strives to create pieces that invite you to pause from the busyness of life, reflect, and be renewed.

Roslyn says “ Peace and calm is what I need from art and I hope to share that with others through the art that I make”.

“ I have had a lifelong love affair with fabrics and fiber and specialize in artistic representations of natural scenery. I get inspiration from the places I’ve been including girlhood vacations in upper Minnesota, my local forest preserve, my neighborhood, and places I’ve seen in my travels around the U.S. and beyond. As a lifelong Midwesterner, I  am particularly inspired by the land around me, and the four distinct seasons of the upper Midwest.

“ I use a wide variety of fabrics and fibers, manipulating them any way I can to achieve depth and texture. I study photographs and employ continuous experimentation, refining construction techniques to capture details. This allows me to gain the depth of color to paint pictures with fabric. I love to explore ways of expanding the scope of my artistic expression, including installations and 3-dimensional structures from fiber. From close-up pieces that show fine detail, to panoramic vistas that display sweeping landscapes, to various-sized installations and 3D structures. My art illustrates my passion to take the color and textural elements in nature and translate them into meaningful expressions of nature’s beauty.

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